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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf Book Fair

The Big Bad Wolf? sounds spooky.. Heheh!
Here's the thing, The Big Bad Wolf Book Fair..

At first, I was kind of surprise, so many people even in the rainy evening went to the book fair. And when I was heading up, I was attracted by some of the people who brought no 'beg rotan', sling bag, bag-pack, or seangkatan dengannya but they brought luggage or stroller bag to the book fair! Oh my Goodness, so impressive! Malaysian citizens love reading :D haha! actually ada jugak yang bawa beg guni IKEA tu! except for me, I bawa badan dan perut saja.. Ya lah, baru lepas makan ikan keli kegemaran LOL

Ok, enough mumbling! :))

The book fair was held at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Sedang (MAEPS), where I was about to collapse in the hall. People were like tin sadin!

Yeah, it was a biggest book sale in the world which all books were 75% to 95% off! crazy! I tell you, there were VARIETY and BEST SELLER books which are available at all book stores.

It's horrible, isn't it? yes! it's when you get lost from your friend or someone with you in the crowd like I did. And it was terribly horrible!

I had been lost from my boyfriend in the hall and it was like a lost child from her STEP FATHER! Lepas jumpa kena marah and walking alone! nah! padan muka! :)))

See.. Sophie Kinsella's best sellers.. Guess how much?? The book stores' price is RM56 if I'm not mistaken. Well, it was RM8.. huhu.. Crazy huh??

Mine was RM10..
Ok Wolf, see you again next year at more better place!

For this time visit, I only bought two books. Ya lah, novel book fair yang hari tu pun baca tak habis lagi.. heheh..

I'm in the middle of horsey life I think..

The Donald Trump one was RM8, but I bought it for RM7 using my discount voucher on internet.

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