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Monday, October 31, 2011

CS vs MAC Brush

This review is dedicated to my best friend, Syamimi Kamarul Zaman upon her request long time ago. Let’s share together with whoever reads my blog.

If you really do love make up, these are must have brushes for the beautiful color on your eyes. I compare the two brands because they are 80-90% similar in type, function and quality, which the CS is the dupe for MAC especially the brushes. If you are the beginner or price-sensitive customer, I suggest CS. If possible, shift to MAC. Below, I’ve provided the type of the brushes between the two.

These are the must-have eye brushes:

MAC 217: CS Pro Blending Brush (highly recommended)
Function: Shading and blending the color, can also be used for cream-typed product

MAC 239: CS Synthetic Shadow
Function: Shading, blending and to place the color on the eye lids

MAC 219: CS Small Pencil Crease Black/ Silver
Function: For precision shading in eye crease and lower lash line. It is also for blending the eyeliner

MAC 209: CS Destiny Eyeliner Super Fine
Function: To create precise eye line of the eyes

MAC 208: CS Angle Brow Define
Function: To define and fill the color to the eyebrow

Other brushes which are also similar:

MAC 227: CS Chisel Fluff Shadow Large
Function: Applying, blending and highlighting powder-based product. Can also be used on face

MAC 224: CS Sable Blending
Function: Blending and controlling the eye shadow application

MAC 213: CS Chisel Fluff Shadow Medium
Function: Applying the color on the eye lids

MAC 275: Chisel Angle Fluff Shadow
Function: Applying and blending the eye shadow on the inner corner of the eyes