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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vintage Birthday

I'd like to share one of my best events of the year since 2011 is nearly to its end, yeah couple of months to go :p

Back to few months ago which taken place in March, I with my close friends had organized my birthday party, and it was a VINTAGE birthday party. The excitement of organizing the event was a very nice moment to me. My friends helped me out on every single thing and I’m very thankful for them. The feeling of browsing through several websites for research purpose, contacting people, making an appointment and stuffs were all really make me enjoy even it was quite time consuming and dizzy. Thing that was blissful to me is when making purchase of the party items. Moreover it was a vintage party so all party favors must be set out in a vintage theme. The joy and happiness were all been created in every single part of my birthday party.