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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Evening Primrose Oil

EPO is referred to Evening Primrose Oil which is formally consumed by women and I'm one of them. My first consumption was a large bottle of BioLife Evening Primrose Oil before I shifted to Kordel’s Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg for a quite some time. Now, I take Seven Seas because of its higher percentage of GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid).

I'm not promoting the brand because I get nothing out of doing so, but I’m sharing what I think is good for me and probably good for you as well.

Well, I’ve just been taking the Seven Seas EPO couple days ago and I can’t say much on this. Why I shifted from Kordel’s EPO because my concern of its GLA content. Most of EPO promotes only 10% of GLA, but what interests me of the Seven Seas is the 50% of GLA which means every capsule contains 13% of GLA for 1000mg. Unless of course for Efamol EPO which promotes up to 33% of GLA in each capsule but it is extremely expensive. For me however, it is worth with what it actually offers. It would be affordable for me once I've lots of money :D

Actually, any kind of quality brand is good even it only promotes 10% of GLA but I’d love to have better than what I’ve tried or consumed before. Plus, Seven Seas EPO contains Vitamin E and the capsules are made of vegetarian capsules.

Why we as the women need supplement such as EPO?

According to the reliable sources and forums (actual consumers’ feedbacks), the benefits of EPO are:

1. Relieves from skin problem such as itchiness, redness, rash or skin allergy
2. Treats period pain and sometimes stops irritation, headache, breast pain and such during the pre-menstrual cycle
3. Reduces the menopausal symptom
4. Promotes healthy skin, hair and nail
5. Helps the menstrual cycle runs smoothly
and many more..

Since I’ve been taking EPO, the obvious thing I could tell is my hair, better than before. Soft and less-frizz, unlike before, macam akar kayu! really. My friends noticed too. The other part is the discoloration behind my back due to accumulated sweat especially at the middle and lower torso which the dark patch had faded.

Regarding the change of my skin other than my back is less different because I've no skin problem, plus I take non-commercial ‘jamu’ or traditional medicine. In addition, my skin is quite naturally healthy, bukan nak perasan, but it is true :p

Speaking of supplement, besides taking EPO, I also take Spirulina and Vitamin C.

The GLA is the Omega-6 Fatty Acid and one of the Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) which is needed for our health. GLA is however gained from plant-based oil instead of our body because human body can’t sufficiently and properly produce the acids. In other word, we have to get them from food or supplement. Some said, the higher GLA percentage, the purer the EPO.