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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I love reading

Does reading books make you smarter? no? well, not only does it make you smarter, it makes you different as well. When you read books, you become different from others who don't. Your mind goes 'wild' and broadens.

I read two types of books, fiction and non-fiction. Usually, I go for fiction, classic novels, because they really make me creative and ease me from stress. Believe me they take me somewhere. Yes! I travel with and become a part of the novel.

For self-improvement, I'd of course opt for non-fiction, it's fact! for motivation book, it seems drive me towards personality development and enrichment. Sometimes, I read health and beauty book when my self-esteem becomes low and when myself has been 'physically challenged'. Now, I should go for communication book since I'm really in the lowest mode!

Presently in Penang, there is a biggest book fair in the world and guess what, it's in a gigantic ship! this is my opportunity. The ship from Germany has anchored to Penang until 25th of September with lots of books. After this, it will be in Port Klang.

Here are the books I bought from Logos Hope book fair and most of them are novels, lol :D