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Friday, September 2, 2011

More than book

I love reading, and believe me it just started couple months ago when I was nearly finished my study. I wanted to get my self prepared for my upcoming working life. I desired to have better communication and interpersonal skill, good physical appearance, self-confidence enhancement, personality enrichment and many more. Then after I finished my bachelor's study, I went to my best friend's house and her father, uncle Kamarul was so kind and he lends me few motivation books. There are Personality Plus, Love Language, The Power To Connect, Law of Attraction and Personality Development. Among the books, I fall in love with Law of Attraction written by Michael J. Losier and I happened to finish the book in two days time. The book is about the power of our vibration. For my understanding, no matter what vibration we are sending out either it's positive or negative, the Law of Attraction will simply respond to the vibration we have sent. The vibration is like our feeling, and for instance when we have the negative feeling on something, it will work that way and negative thing happens. Thus, this book stated several approaches that lead to positive way of feeling and thinking to avoid us from sending out the negative vibration. Plus, the are several useful exercises to be analyzed. If you are the kind of person who always thinks negative, please get this book as for your future improvement. Things may change if you are really in it, InsyaAllah.

Another visit to Syamimi's house which I was so muka tak malu suka tidur rumah orang, lol :)) It is because I love Penang so much! and the most important reason, I love to hang out with Mimi. For this time visit, uncle K lends me another book titled Copycat Marketing 101: How To Copycat Your Way To Wealth written by Burke Hedges. At first, I was so not in to this book since it has the word 'marketing' on its cover. But it appeared almost everyday in front of me since I put it on my laptop desk and it was like "please, read me..!" if it could talk.. Hehe.. Then, after several considerations, I grabbed it and mark my word! I'm going to be part of it.. The book reviews on how people in this world fall into the time-for-money trap which most people choose to be the 95% er (work) instead of 5% er (freedom). It highlighted on wealth creation than income creation and also the exponential growth compared to linear growth. Bla bla bla.. It's network marketing!! everybody hates it! kui3~ Okey, before I mention anything, please no bias or bad perception, this is my 100% opinion. Why not give it a try for better future ahead, because when we really in it (that is the reason why you investing thousand of your dollar) we no matter what, put fully effort towards that until we are successfully end it. I hope my sentence is harmless to anybody. I'd love to thank uncle Kamarul of his generosity which has opened my eyes and widen my brain..! :)