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Monday, October 3, 2011

Coastal Scents Brushes

I am MAC lover, yet Coastal Scents (CS) too! As we already known that MAC brushes are the super duper best brushes but..

When it comes to price + quantity, it just paused my intention. It is impossible to use only one brush in make over. (Please consider me as the 'rich' person here) I'd rather spend on cosmetic instead of the brush.. It's extremely expensive though, really.

So, I came across and stumbled into these CS brushes which are considered as the alternate MAC brushes. The features, types, hair brushes and softness are all about the same.

Additional Sharing: My School Set Brush Care

I separate all my brushes into batches. Yes! All of them are placed into proper PU cases with two different labels of hygienic concern. One is for used brushes which I haven't cleaned it and another one is for new or after clean brushes. It's to enhance the hygiene of the brushes and most important thing is to save my energy to clean them off.

Since I will becoming the 'infamous' mak andam in town, :)) it's my priority to make sure the hygiene of all brushes thus increase my customers' positive perception and to avoid them from any skin problem.

After this, do find the most hygienic MUA ya!

I usually clean off my brushes after maximum three times use or three faces. Don't clean it too regularly as it will shorten its life span.

If you would like to know on how to clean the makeup brushes,do refer to my previous post of Homemade Brush Cleanser.