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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Academy Make-Up Course

Is it worthwhile for you to attend make-up classes or courses?

This question came into my mind after I had attended a make-up course worth RM499. I'd agree if a person with no make up basic signs up for the course but for those who have already acquired the skill I strongly discourage them to spend on such courses. Unless, it offers something beyond your skill level. It'd be excellent!

Bare in mind before you register for a particular make-up course:

- Make sure to understand the objective/ highlight of the course
- Price involved, whether it is reasonable with what it has to offer
- Destination, must be reachable

In my case, I blindly registered for a course that highlighted on personal make up and grooming and I found that it's such a waste for me as I already master the basic and personal make up. At first. I thought it would be a professional make-up course which highlighting on advanced make up technique. In this situation, I wrongly understood the purpose of the course.

For those basic learners however, it did have positive outcome which the tutor focused on head to toe make up application such as the use of base or primer.

Well, I'm actually looking for a professional make up for special event and photography.

What I got from there was making a new friend and she was the one who sat beside me during the course. Meet my new friend, Nabila Majeed ;-)

Miss Celine who conducted the course was nice too! :D